California Primary is Tuesday, March 3, 2020

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United By A Common Goal

I am Roman Reed and I am running to be the 25th District’s next California State Assembly representative. I see what’s going on and I know we need to act fast–together. There is so much to unite over rather than engaging in meaningless polarization. Let us work on our problems efficiently and make a change in the wonderful state of California.
Never look away.
We must take a stand and work together to solve problems like record-high medical costs, educational inequality, traffic, and more. We must encourage medical innovation, support our youth through their education and a promise for a greener future, and combat the problems that every California faces. We must rid our divisions and begin to inspire again. Our lives are not defined by our challenges; life is defined by how we face those challenges. You cannot properly lead if you are selfish, corrupt, or unconcerned. After 20 years of service in local communities and government, people know who I am and what I stand for.
I understand.
I went from being the captain of dozens of local sports teams, to being completely paralyzed. I have seen both the top and the bottom. I want to fight for everyone across this spectrum. I fought my way back up, and through policies that encourage medical innovation, improve our schools, and address pervasive issues like climate change, we can do so together.
I can lead that way.
It is time for politics to fight for the people. For political leaders to take a stand and to represent all populations. Should I be elected, I wouldn’t just be the only CA representative in a wheelchair. I would also be ready to fight for anyone and everyone to gain a voice. I am lucky to be endorsed by figures like Congressman Eric Swalwell in this journey.
We can change our state.
We need your vote and your support. If you believe that I will fight for you, then help me fight for victory for all of US. Together, we can. this is just the beginning of our campaign. We have to fight to be ready for the BETTER New Day.

This is just the beginning of our campaign. We will fight to wake up to a better future every single day.
Believe and We Can!
Please support Roman Reed for California State Assembly District 25 in 2020! Go forward and seize the day.
Yours In Partnership,

Roman Reed
Candidate for State Assembly, District 25