California Primary is Tuesday, March 3, 2020

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United By A Common Goal

I am Roman Reed running for State Assembly 25th District in 2020. I see what’s going on and it demands for me to act. There is so much more that unites us then divides us. Let us work on our problems and embrace our blessings.
Never look away.
We must take a stand and work together to solve problems like medical high costs, and traffic. We must find medical cures, and support great education. We must combat division and begin to inspire again. Life has challenges and it is about how we face those challenges and overcome that defines who we are. You cannot properly lead if you are dirty. After 20 years of service. People know who I am and what I stand for. From being the captain of dozens of local sports teams to being completely paralyzed. I have been at the top and at the bottom.
I understand.
And, fought my way back up in life. California must lead the way in stem cell research and the creation of correlating jobs.
I can lead that way.
It is time for politics to fight for the people. For political leaders to take a stand. There are no political leaders in wheelchairs in California state capital as elected officials.
I can change that. We can.
I need your vote. And your support. If you believe that I will fight for you then help me now. And Let Us fight for victory for all of US. Together, we can And we shall make things even better. And this is just the beginning of our campaign. We have to fight to be ready for the BETTER New Day.

Believe and We Can!

Please support Roman Reed for California State Assembly District 25 in 2020! Go Forward and Seize The Day

Yours In Partnership,

Roman Reed
Candidate for State Assembly, District 25